April 7, 2013


About Ushahidi: Easily crowdsource and geo-locate information using multiple channels, including SMS, email, Twitter and the web.

AMI Name: academic-ami-ushahidi-2.6.3

AMI ID: ami-86a0c4ef

Description: Micro Amazon Linux 64bit instance with LAMP server and Ushahidi 2.6.3 installed.

Server: Apache 2.2.22, MySql 14.14, PHP 5.3.13, phpMyAdmin 3.5.1.

Server Additions: Image Magick, php-xml, php-soap, php-common, php-gd, chkconfig (configured to start apache and mysql at boot time), mod_rewrite enabled, SE Linux disabled.

Plugins: Only default plugins are installed. See for more options.

Additional Themes: Only default themes are installed. See for more options.

Last Modified: 07 April 2013.

Testing Status: Very basic sense-check only: added image file item. Last tested 08 April 2013. Successfully booted up 31-01-2014.

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