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(Protected) Omeka 2.1.3 (+ Neatline)

May 9, 2014

NOTE: This version of Omeka 2.1.3 (+ Neatline) is protected with an Apache password (for the username and password see the ReadMe). Users will need to enter credentials before accessing the site. I’ve produced it following requests from people who would like to be able to build Omeka sandpits that aren’t available on the open web. Given the password is available in the ReadMe you’ll clearly only have a minimum of protection (!), but it will offer a level of security against people who happen across your sandpit by mistake. DO NOT TAKE THIS TO MEAN YOUR SITE IS SECURE – IT’S STILL JUST A TEMPORARY SANDPIT. It is, of course, possible to change the Apache password (instructions available via a Google search) to increase security, but you’ll need to SSH into your server to do so.

Please use this version if you don’t need, or want the hassle of, an Apache password-protected site.

Websites: http://omeka.org

About Omeka: Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Its “five-minute setup” makes launching an online exhibition as easy as launching a blog.

About Neatline: Neatline allows scholars, students, and curators to tell stories with maps and timelines. As a suite of add-on tools for Omeka, it opens new possibilities for hand-crafted, interactive spatial and temporal interpretation.

AMI Name: protected-academicami-omeka-2.1.3-neatline

AMI ID: ami-423ddf2a

Description: Apache password-protected Micro Amazon Linux 32bit instance with LAMP server and Omeka 2.1.3 installed (+ Neatline).

Server: Apache 2.2.26, MySql 5.5.34, PHP 5.3.28, phpMyAdmin

Server Additions: Image Magick, mod_rewrite enabled, SE Linux disabled (interferes with Omeka writing to directories).

Plugins: Coins, Commenting, CreativeCommonsChooser, DocsViewer, Dropbox, DublinCoreExtended, ExhibitBuilder, Geolocation, Guest User, Html5Media,  ItemOrder, Neatline, NeatlineTime, NeatlineFeatures, NeatlineSimile, NeatlineWaypoints, OaipmhHarvester, OaiPmhRepository, Scripto, SimpleContactForm, SimplePages, SocialBookmarking.

Last Modified: 10 March 2014.

Testing Status: Very basic sense-check only: added image file item, activated plugins. Please leave comments if this AMI needs updating. Last tested 10 March 2014.

Notes: See also Omeka-1.5.3 + Neatline and Geoserver (for Neatline Geoserver integration).

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April 7, 2013


About Ushahidi: Easily crowdsource and geo-locate information using multiple channels, including SMS, email, Twitter and the web.

AMI Name: academic-ami-ushahidi-2.6.3

AMI ID: ami-86a0c4ef

Description: Micro Amazon Linux 64bit instance with LAMP server and Ushahidi 2.6.3 installed.

Server: Apache 2.2.22, MySql 14.14, PHP 5.3.13, phpMyAdmin 3.5.1.

Server Additions: Image Magick, php-xml, php-soap, php-common, php-gd, chkconfig (configured to start apache and mysql at boot time), mod_rewrite enabled, SE Linux disabled.

Plugins: Only default plugins are installed. See for more options.

Additional Themes: Only default themes are installed. See for more options.

Last Modified: 07 April 2013.

Testing Status: Very basic sense-check only: added image file item. Last tested 08 April 2013. Successfully booted up 31-01-2014.

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