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June 11, 2011


About: The Open Journal System is a powerful PHP-based journal system produced by the Public Knowledge Project. It operates through a partnership among the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia, the Simon Fraser University Library, the School of Education at Stanford University, and the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing at Simon Fraser University.

AMI Name: academic-ami-ojs-2.4.0

AMI ID: ami-c467e3ad

Description: Micro Amazon Linux instance with LAMP server and OJS-2.4.0 installed.

Server: Apache 2.2.22, MySql 14.14, PHP 5.3.13, phpMyAdmin 3.5.1.

Last Modified: 14 November 2012. Last tested 14 November 2012. Successfully booted up 31-01-2014.

Testing Status: Journal created, issue created, author created, article submitted. Please leave a comment if this AMI needs updating.

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